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Sandeep Shroff

Dear List Members,

Please share your experiences on SECS/GEM protocol driver development.

How can one go about developing a SECS/GEM protocol driver?

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Phil Johnson


Are you trying to create a product or simply develop an interface for a host controller or piece of equipment? If the latter, I would strongly suggest buying a commercially available product (SDK) to aid you in building the SECS/GEM interface. A few products I've used in the past are listed below:

GW Associates - GWGEM/SDR
Cimetrix - CIMConnect

Cimetrix -

Best of luck to you,

Phil Johnson

Sandeep Shroff

Dear Phil

Thanks for the reply.

I want to develop a SECS / GEM Master Application which would interface with
the Semiconductor Fab / Testing equipments and would poll data from them. I
have to develop the master application on Linux OS.

I am going through the SECS / GEM documentation. But this seems that this is
only a guideline document. It is lagging the details of protocol
implementation. Could you please point me any other documents which would
provide me details of protocol implementation. (Will SemiConductor Fab /
Testing user manuals provide me with the implementation details ?) Is there
any specific hardware (ref. thinclient with serial port as the hardware)
requirements for implementing this protocol? I am new to semiconductor
industry but have lots of experience in instrumentation and software

Please provide me your mail Id so that I can get in touch with you for any
further help and guidance.

Thanks & Regards


Curt Wuollet

I dimly recall a Linux Journal article on a similar topic with a
good resource list. Perhaps a google to and on their site might
be helpful.




Kevin Brennan


You're right; the SECS/GEM documentation (assuming you refer to the SEMI E4/E5/E30/E37 standards) is useful as reference. If you're doing a host-side implementation, you'll need the equipment SECS/GEM manuals, as these provide the specifics of each interface implementation. Don't assume anything is plug and play; most interfaces vary widely.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need more info (

Kevin Brennan