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Ken Crater

Hi all, For anyone attending National Manufacturing Week in Chicago next week, we're hosting a " Cafe" on the show floor as a place for Automation List members and regulars to get together for a cup of coffee (and perhaps a much needed chair to sit in!). Dick Morley, Tom Bullock, and Vance VanDoren will be spending some time there, as will Jennifer (our moderator) and myself. At the show, we're introducing a new membership capability on the website (yes, it's optional, and no, there's no charge for it :). This will ultimately allow people to customize their use of the site, and even have a personal webpage with a picture and contact info. So, stop by, sit for a bit, have some coffee (that's free too) and talk with other A-Listers. We're in the Open Control Pavilion (where else?) at booth #5059. Regards, Ken Crater, President Inc. [email protected]
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