Seeking free chlorine temperature transmitter


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I want a very reliable and compact setup that ultimately has (3) 4-20ma outputs that transmits pH, free chlorine, temperature. Since the water sample can run past all 3 sensors from 1 header, it seems like somebody would make a 3-in-1 meter that will give me 4-20 outputs. I am only finding controllers with (2) outputs, which is kinda overkill as I only need to send reading to PLC, which does the control. If only 2-in-1 exists, I can do the temp separately.

M H V Munshi

You cannot have all the three parameters to be measured in the same instrument. For free chlorine you need to have a seperate instrument which will give 4-20mA output for free chlorine.
We can provide you with a pH and a Temp measurement with output of 4-20mA for both pH and Temperature seperate. If this satisfies your requirement please send me your reply for further details ([email protected]).