Seeking stash of old ISA Journals and InTech magazines to save the history

Does any old-timer out there have a pile of ISA Journals or InTech magazines taking up space that I could scan and OCR in order to preserve some of the history of process instrumentation and control?

I'm about to hang up my hat and retire and will have time to digitize the 'lost' (paper) history of instrumentation and control, but I need paper copies to start with.

This came up because I checked ISA's site and they have only one page on the history of ISA and no older material, ISA Journals or copies of Intech, at least that I could find. ISA's focus is clearly forward, which is fine, but history shouldn't disappear forever as whatever older paper resources disappear. Case in point - my uncle was a process engineer (WWII submariner) and long-time ISA member. His family tossed his pile of ISA Journals in the trash figuring no one would ever read them (I only found out after the fact). I figure that same thing is happening elsewhere.

Any takers, please message me through this forum by placing your cursor over my name (in read) at the top of this post so the pop-up window appears, then clicking 'start a conversation'.