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Ray Pike

Anyone know what software can be used to upload program from Seiberco servo drive. We need to change this obsolete unit, and having copy of
existing program would be great help.

Best, ray pike

Michael Griffin

I don't believe there was any software for these drives (I think these were the AIM 2300, or AIM 4000, or some number like that). Instead you used a terminal emulator to type commands into a menu system built into the controller. The menus have several levels, with the lowest levels being where you typed the actual data (moves, sequences, parameters) in.

What I did for this was to set a terminal emulator to capture output from the drive controller and then listed all the moves and sequence, and also the various parameters by asking the menu system to display the contents of each. I would then edit the file I captured this data in to get rid of extraneous information.

You have to do this while the drive is inactive (not being commanded to do something), as it will display various status information while it is executing movement commands and you won't be able to control what gets displayed to you. In other words, you need to work on this while the machine is idle.

I think Sieberco is out of business. If you need some information on this subject (serial cable and parameters, etc.), there is a chance that I may still have some information. We don't have any of these drives in service anymore, so I haven't done anything with them in a while.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
Over the years we have used QMODEM and later QMPRO to communicate with the SEIBERCO controllers. (These are terminal emulators as Michael says) I wrote scripts to capture the settings and programs and to download settings
and programs to them. These were DOS programs. We haven't used these drives on any Windows projects.

We didn't find the old SEIBERCO programs were much help in programming the new drives (Pac Sci in our case). Are your movement profiles very
involved? (Our application was bidirectional conveyor indexing, fixed distance but
variable speed/direction based on some of the inputs)

I'll forward these emails to my work and see what additional information I can get...


Wang Zhongwei

Who can provide the user guide for AIM 5000 drive/controller from Seiberco?

We need the manual urgently. We have no any information to contact Seiberco Inc. How can contact with Seiberco? Who knows the web site of seiberco?

Wang Zhongwei
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