Selecting the Right Transformer


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The client has installed unclassified transformer in Unclassified area offshore. The platform is 30 years old. The recent HAC study suggested blanket classification of minimum Zone -2, and now they wish to upgrade this transformer.

Which type of transformer do we need for Zone -2 and where are they available and who is the supplier?

What about the placing this transformer in enclosure??
Kunal, typically standard transformers are allowed in Class I, Div 2 locations provided their accessories are certified for use in Div 2 locations. Following are some of the more salient considerations depending on cooling media:


o Enclosure must be non-ventilated.

o Multiple-strand primary and secondary conuctors, high temperature (class H) insulation.

o Full-Load temp-rise should not exceed 115 degC.

o Core and Coil should be vacuum pressure impregnated.


o They should be installed outdoors.

o All copper conductors are preferred.

o If aluminum, terminations should be carefuly addressed.

o Spill containment.

o Fire-fighting apparatus.

I believe that your reference to Class 2 locations is in error.

Phil Corso (cepsicon[at]aol[dot]com)