Selection of a Level Gauge for Aggresive Hydrocarbon


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Hi all,

We are having a Separator Vessel and we need to change the existing Level Gauge system installed for field indication. The existing LG installed in the field is Reflux type LG and the problem we face is blackening of the LG glass very frequently. We need to change the existing LG with some more Robust indication system, so that the operator can check the level indication at all times.

The details of operating conditions of vessel are as follows:

a) Operating Temperature: -70 Deg C (Negetive Seventy Deg C)
b) Operating Pressure: 30 Kg/cm2
c) Fluid: Liquid Hydrocarbon (Aggressive) + Gas on top
d) Existing LG Type: Reflux Type Level Gauge

What would you suggest in such an application.