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armando millan

I'm an electrical engineering student from U.B.A. (Venezuela). I'm looking for some information about self tuning control. I've been trying to get that information but I haven't found anything. Could I have it from you? Thanks a lot. My name is Armando Millan.
Armando, You could try downloading my PhD thesis on "Self-tuning Control of Robot Manipulators", in which Chapter 4 describes the basic principles behind self-tuning control (both SISO and MIMO). It is at: The best book I have found on Self-tuning control is: P.Wellstead and M.Zarrop, "Self-tuning Systems: Control and Signal Processing", Wiley . I hope this helps. Andy [email protected]___ Advanced Control Technology Club, Industrial Systems and Control Ltd., 50 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1QE Tel: (+44) 0141 553 1111 Fax: (+44) 0141 553 1232 ______________________________________________________________________