Self Tuning PID using Fuzzy Neural Network


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I am doing my research project on a self tuning PID controller using Fuzzy Neural Networks. My problem is i cant find any useful data any where. there are papers on fuzzy tuned pid controllers but can't find much on FNN's. i have to impliment this using MATLAB. can any one suggest where i can find any information regarding the topic.
Check out:
it's the IEEE neural networks society. aka Nerds-on-experimental-brain-steroids.

Also, include the Omron corporation in your web-searches. They hold the patents on Fuzzy and have tons of ongoing research in the field. They had 7,000 patents on fuzzy related products 5 years ago...amazing! I lectured on fuzzy extensively in the mid nineties, but north america (the lumbering giant) has yet to respond. Funny to us that understand fuzzy. If you are a control nerd, and you ivestigate fuzzy: you know what primitive man felt like when he discovered fire, or the wheel. It is so simple in concept an implementation, and so powerful and all encompassing for multi variable control it seems to good to be true.

Yet we refuse to imnplement it in North America like it has been incorporated into products sold back to us by Japan. Crazy.

The finance industry has been using fuzzy and neural nets for years in North America for bond modelling and such, but the industrial sector lacked the drive and pioneering spirit of the financial researcher I suppose.

"Thump" - loud sound of me jumping down off the soap box.

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"one thing is clear, the future is Fuzzy..."-Lotfi Zadeh, founder of Fuzzy logic, in the mens room at Hooter's in Chicago. (may not be a completely accurate account)