Sending out value from memory based on encoder value

Hello, quite new to PLC's, currently figuring out if / which PLC is the way to go for my application:

I'm construction a machine with a two axis (X/Z) with 88 valves mounted on them. The X axis makes a scanning motion, and after every pass, the Z axis moves down 2.5 mm. When the X-axis moves, the valves need to switch in a certain pattern, opening / closing with a resolution of 2.5 mm, based on the current X and Z-position (i.e. encoder values). My goal is to move around 0.25m/s, so they would switch around 100 times per second (i.e. every 10ms). I want to be able to upload the pattern via Ethernet connection from my PC.

I ended up with the Modicon M241 as a nice PLC with the right I/O capabilites and features for my application. However, I don't know if it is suitable, as I am unable to find out how the whole uploading a pattern to memory, and then retrieving values one by one from memory during operation would work (i.e. which instructions should I use in my PLC program?)