Sending RSLogix5000 data directly to SQL table


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I need help identifying a package that will allow me to datalog from the plc directly to a SQL table. I currently datalog using RSView32. I would like to send the tag info that is currently being collected by RSView and skip the HMI and send it directly to a network SQL table. Is this possible or I am dreaming

Trevor Ousey

Easily possible to retrieve data from the CLX and pass into a SQL database...

Rockwell has a product that was called RSSQL, now FT Transaction Manager, but not the easiest to use. However it will write to the PLC as well, and can buffer data if there is an issue with the SQL server.

Also look at which is easier, but will need RSLinx Pro as a minimum to connect. I have trialled an earlier version and was surprised at the simplicity in setting up. I don't think it has all the features the Rockwell has.