sending series of String or ascii from pc to plc


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hi there,
I'm currently using mitsubishi fx1s-20dr plc. The problem that i m facing is sending a series of string or ascii to control the gate output to plc. I'm doing a mango project which consist of weighting and detect the size of mango. Then the computer will calculate the output channel for mango (varies from 1 to 8 since there are eight types of mango is using). I've managed to send the
series of data to plc (ie. 4,3,2 & just a series of string) but the problem is that i do not how to write this in ladder format. For example if data 4 is sent then ladder format will have a function where it is waiting for the data input
4 then it calculate the delay time and the open the gate after the delay time..
Also if the data sent is 4,3,2 then the mango should be sent at output 4,3,2 at the same time(since 4 is coming first but time delay is different for each one).
many thanks