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Ronald Nijssen

Hello List,

I am looking for a device that allows me to send SMS messages to a GSM phone. Profibus Slave or Discrete Inputs driving the message to a pre-defined GSM number would be great. This way I can integrate it with a Profibus Master PLC

Kind Regards
Ronald Nijssen

Alexander Beketov

Hello Ronald,

Now we are designing the device for purposes you need. It's not completely finished but I have totally working prototype. The profibus isn't supporting (we have only serial ports on device, may be Profibus DP in future but I haven't the protocol specs for now). You can download data
via Modbus or 3964R in master or slave modes - as you wish. The GSM network is supported via Siemens M20T GSM modem that can be connected to any of 4 ports. Device has 2000 "virtual" registers inside and each of this register is common for all port so the device can work as
a inter-network bridge. SMSs can be sent in 3 cases:
1)You can request a value from device. Just send the message like "GET R56" and you'll receive a message "Value R56=456.67"
2)You can write a value - "SET R56=56.7" and you will receive the message like "Value R56 changed to 56.7".
3)You can adjust some conditions for any register.
For example:
a)send the message "Level Overflow!" to phone ##### when the value of R56>100 AND/OR R57<10
b)send the message with value of register each xx:xx:xx time.
For example, every 8 hours.
c)send the message with value of register every day at xx:xx:xx.
For example, every day at 8:00:00.

Also we can produce the module with 4/4 discrete inputs/outputs (24VDC). And in one month I'll have the prototype of such module with additional TCP/IP interface - as a web-server or ModbusTCP Slave or MB/TCP master.

Are you interested in such product? We expect the finaly price about 500$ for simplest module (4 serial ports or 2 serial ports + 4/4 DO/DI) and 600$ for Hi-end module (Ethernet+8 RS232 or Eth+4 RS232+4/4DO/DI).

Alexander Beketov