Sending Video and Tank Level Signal 1 Mile


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I need to install a system which takes multiple video feeds and a tank level signal (manifesting as a 4..20mA current loop) and transmits these a little over a mile across water to another location where the video images will be displayed and the tank level wired into a control system (as a 4..20mA signal again).

The system should be simple, reliable and use as little power as possible.

Various ideas being investigated. Any help, advice or suggestions would be welcome.
I have done this previously and to a higher scale than just one analog point and a few video feeds, but we used a redlion sixnet series 4-20 ma to ethernet and all of our video was already IP. We communicated using Motrola WiMax (Canopy 400 series) which easily has the capability of your mile distance.

If you have analog video then you will have to look into converting that to IP.