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Michael Deal

I need to identify a way to consolidate the outputs from approximately 2000 sensors. The goal is to limit the amount of wiring from the sensors to the control module.

Is there any way to multiplex these sensor signals or convert them into a standard serial-type signaling cable?

Hello Mike:

A distributed I/O system will handle this application. Typically, the I/O system accepts multiple signal inputs from sensors and/or transmitters, and converts them to a communications protocol, such as MODBUS RTU (RS-485), that is transmitted on a single data link. The multiplexed data can be sent directly to a control system (if the control system is able to accept the communication protocol), or converted back to the original (or proportional to input) analog signals by the I/O system at the opposite side of the digital data link (for control systems that require analog signals). For an example, see Moore Industries' Cable Concentrator System at: "":

Let me know if you have questions.

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Steve Myres, PE


There are many industrial communication systems aimed at this very function. I have a lot of experience in this area, and if you would like to contact me off list, I'll discuss with you some of your options.

Steve Myres
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