Sensor for Gravity Flow Measurement


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Perry Hickey

Can any one suggest the most suitable instrument for Flow measurement under Gravity flow conditions. The service is Produced distillate from oil, venturi effect into oil line going to tank.

Gravity flow conditions usually will call for either magnetic, ultrasonic or turbine flow meters.

The area of installation is at 1000 ft wells using a pump jack. I don't know the volume, but measurement should be in gallons, if possible. Line size is 3/8" with a check valve.

Please advise if meter is available.

Perry Hickey
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The "bucket" method is often used, a calibrated bucket, properly sealed if the liquid has a low vapor pressure. you can either measure the level, or weigh it. If you have level (and volume) + weight you also have the density.

The alternative is to measure the level in a collection drum over an interval of time.