Sensor for kart detection on a track


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W Blandon

Anyone know about what kind of sensor is used in the karting industry to detect a kart crossing the finish in a track. The general information mention it as a "loop" but really i dont know what`s its operation principle. It needs to detect a specific kart in a track in which can be up to 20 or more karts.
What your after is quite common in the kart industry. I understand several companies are building the product and the price is going down. It is simply a wire placed about 4" into the track - each kart is issued a "loaner" transponder assigned to his kart. A self made computer program or bought one will then indicate exact lap times, position, fastest lap, slowest lap and more depending on your needs.

Another advantage is aftermarket kart data products would use the same signal for on board timing. If you are having trouble finding the product - contact a major kart track for information - here are a few links. We sponsor a 125 shifter kart - at over 100 mph they need electronic timing.

SKUSA is the major USA leader in the sport and you may find a link or information at:
Thanks, Bob Hogg