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Joe Nucciarone


I wish to set up a network of sensors (proximity) and bar code readers across my plant using devicenet or other. I also need to interface this network with an existing modbus network. Can someone point me in the right direction. Are there sensors that i could plug directly to modbus? Bar code readers have an rs232 o/p, how do i convert it to devicenet or modbus?

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hello, Try calling WAGO I/O support (262-255-6222). WAGO offers a Programmable Dnet Bus communication module like a PLC. A RS232/485 module can be added to the node to talk Modbus. With Wagos IEC-1131 programming tool a program can be download in the Dnet Comm module that creates a Modbus protocol through the RS232/485 module and brings the data back so the Modbus data can be sent to the Dnet Master.

Maxym Tyutyunnyk

If the bar code readers have the simple interface, it is possible to try realize by XMIT command
Converter RS 232/485 is necessary only if the controller has no RS232