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Guthrie, Mark (MW)

HI List I have a project to install a new control system to manage our site utility systems. Its main function will be for monitoring and controlling the sites remote 15KV substations, pumphouse and misc auxiliary systems. I'm looking for advice from someone who has experience with SOE for electrical systems. What would you recommend as the minimum TIME-STAMP resolution requirement for SOE? Regards, Mark Guthrie

Vance Newman

Hi Mark, I have started up several power plants around the world while employed at Bailey Controls ( now ABB). One of the best products and almost an industry standard was the "Rochester" system. If you search the internet you will probably find their site. Their units are modular. You can expand from 256 I/O on up to several thousands. The units are complete with termination and easily programmed. The SCAN time is down to 10 msec. This is typical. Another useful system is Moore's (now Siemens Moore) APACS (Quadlog) this I believe is also 10 msec. Hope I helped tell how it went! Regards Vance Newman DCS Specialist
Hi We're offering 10mSec resolution using SAIA plc. I haven't been told that this is inadequate yet, so this would be my recommendation. Erik.

Andre Pablo G. Fausto

The standard for SOE is 1ms. Regards, Andre Pablo "Apaul" G. Fausto Nayon Kontrol Systems 354 (44) Quezon Avenue Quezon City, Philippines Tel. +63 2 4485074 Fax. +63 2 4485077

Carlos Araya Mackenney

Mark: Usually I use 1 milisecond resolution for electrical system. The best way I know is use a clock generator device (may be with GPS) with IRIG-B output. IRIG-B is a very standard port for protection relays. Good luck! Carlos Araya Mackenney [[email protected]] Automation Manager - PLC International S.A. Phone (562) 269.8727 - Fax (562) 269.8728 Santiago, Chile

Cheryl Muldoon

Mark We've used RTP's Hybrid Control System (RTP2000) for powerstation applications requiring high-speed SOE timestamping. Accuracy has been tested to 1 millisecond. Obviously the more precise the time-stamp the more accurately you can diagnose the sequence that events have occured with a lower likely occurence of events being missed. I believe you can find application stories on their website for similar applications at Regards Cheryl Muldoon

Daniel Guillize

Hi Mark, You could use SICAM SAS or SICAM RTU systems. These systems use 1 msec of resolution and were made by SIEMENS. I have been working with them and I think it could be a good solution for you. Best Regards, Daniel Guillize.