Sercos for inverter?


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I'm electrical designer of machine with likely 50 axes. Only a few axes need positioning features, the others are unwinders or in speed mode (running in constant speed). So I use for the first brushless motors with positioner (1 axes manager with Sercos bus): for the others the ac motor with inverter is enough.

I would like integrate all the axes in the same Axe Manager: to do that I'm looking for inverters with Sercos interface. In this way I can use the Axes Manager to control and monitor all the axes,
brushless and AC. Please let me know about the existence of inverters 'normal' with Sercos

Ivan Messori

Helmut Meissner

Hello Ivan,

try Lenze (in Italy: Gerrit in Milano). They have for their Inverter-families 8200 and 9300 different Interfaces and I think they have also Sercos. We use normal CAN- Interbus- and Profibus.

You can also try SEW or Danfoss.


Helmut Meissner
I worked for Lenze (USA) until one year ago. They did NOT have SERCOS for any drives. Maybe they added it but I doubt it.

Is Sercos the only answer suitable for your application? We have designed several paper converting machines with upwards of 50 axes using
the Control Techniques UniDrive. Drives are available with motion modules (UD7x series) with a variety of network options. Some axes are
open loop, some are closed loop vector others are brushless servo . . . the same drive is used in all cases. Drives are integrated into a PLC
network (Profibus, Modbus+, DeviceNet, etc. are supported). Encoder following / dancer or force bar tension control / different RUN / JOG /
Thread features are all easily managed within the drive. We have been pretty happy with the performance and ease of integration.

Ken Brown
Applied Motion Systems, Inc.