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Hellow sir,

I am doing a project to interface a multimeter though a serial port. My hardware setup is ready. How to get the output of the LCD into the text boxes? So please give me full program.

Thanking you.

Michael Griffin

The book "Python and Tkinter Programming" by John E. Grayson has this exact problem as an example. Chapter 9 interfaces a Radio Shack 22-168A multi-meter to a PC via a serial connection, and the meter controls and readings are duplicated in a GUI on the PC.

The book is a tutorial on how to do GUI programming in Python using the Tkinter toolkit (together with the PMW widgets). This is the best GUI programming book I have seen for any programming language, as the author's background is in programming PC interfaces for equipment, rather than the business applications seen in most books. This is a very good instructional book to have, even if you intend to switch to using GTK+ or QT later instead of Tkinter.

If you intend to learn something from this project, this is the best reference you are going to find. O'Reilly has several good Python books that you might want to get as well to use with the above mentioned one (the Grayson book concentrates on Tkinter and is not a Python reference).
hello sir , i am an engineering student , for my final year project iam searching for project like urs , can u please upload the hardware schematic which would help me in my project . thanku bye
i am sending data from PC to ECU through rs232 serial comnnection but unable to get any result from ECU but transmit is ok

can you give a piece of code to support in win32

i have the code for dos based version 16 bit