Serial Communication using MFC classes.


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Hello sir,
We got ur mail ID from net.
We r doing project on Serial communication using VC++ to our Inverter
Drive. For that we created Dialog box interfaced Tree based Window. Now
we r struggling with How to Communicate This dialog box(Edit Box) to
Serial port. Can Help us by providing appropriate code for our


Hello Prema S

there has to be a communication protocol supported by your inverter. Once
you know the protocol, then you can either do it by DDE (the simplest way)
in case the DDE driver is available. Else you may have to write the entire
code and do the handshaking in the VC++ program.

Please find out the communication protocol or give the protocol so that some
help is made available.

I have programed communication program B&R PLC with Amstron Relays. From my experience, what you need first is familiar to Protocol supported by Inverter drive. Then you know the constructure of frame.It maybe IEC870-1 or any others. In you VC++ program, use function block to send and receive frames to drive. Because the Communication with serial ports (RS232), you set configuration (Baut rate, stop bit, checksum, half syn......)
Just for your reference, good luck.