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Tom Cooper

I am having problems with getting my Panelview, Micrologix, and Powerflex to talk to each other. The main problem is prob the microlox 1000. It only has the one serial port. I usually use an AIC and pic driver to talk with the panelview 600 with it's DH485 port. I am trying to add a Powerflex 40 to the mix. I added a 22-comm-e to the drive, but I do not know how to cable them all together. Any suggestions?

Eddie Willers

A MicroLogix 1000 will automatically switch to DH485 protocol on the serial port when it detects DH485 traffic. If you have your PIC driver (via an ordinary serial cable) and a PanelView 600 connected to a 1761-NET-AIC along with the MicroLogix, the MicroLogix will switch into DH485 mode. You can then set the Primary Protocol on the Micro to be DH485 so it won't have to autodetect.

I'm not sure how you expect a PowerFlex 40 to connect to these devices; the 22-COMM-E is an Ethernet interface. PowerFlex drives don't communicate on DH485 protocol, as far as I am aware.