Serial connection from MarkVe HMI to DCS

In our facility, the connection to DCS from our MarkVe system (a hybrid system between MarkV and MarkVie) is achieved by connecting the Serial cable from the local HMI (server) to the DCS Serial input card. This brings lots of issues due to non-reliability of the Server and when server is required to be rebooted (keep in mind we have redundancy for the servers but sometimes it is not working always as expected)

My question, is there any way we can shift this connectivity to DCS away from the PC similar to lots of systems which provide direct serial connectivity from the controller level. I understand that C core used to be responsible for such communication before with the old MarkV. Or maybe we can get this connectivity through the switch via UDH ? I don't want to sound non-sense I am not an expert in MarkVe , just throwing some food for thought to explore any possible way.

This it the offender I found in a abb dcs system.
2.2 HeartbeatMessageThe DCS requeststo be on variousdistributionlists definedin the sectionsAdministrativeRequestsandEvent-drivenRequests.The Heartbeatmessageis a statusmessagein aDCS-to-gatewayadministrativemessagethat shouldbe transmittedapproximatelyevery20 seconds.If a heartbeatmessageis not receivedfor a periodof 60 seconds,any DCSdata lists are automaticallycanceledand connectionto the DCS is terminated.Thegatewaydoes not respondto heartbeatmessages.
Nasoor, I assume from you text above, when you say "serial cable" connection, you mean GSM. Is GSM protocol required? Can the DCS talk modbus? Talk EGD? OPC-UA? Are the alarms coming over the GSM?

There are some things you can do to make the system more robust. First thing would be to add another Mark Ve HMI. Now, you will have 2 HMIs listening to the GT controller. From there, you can setup redundant connections from the DCS to either HMI. Depending on the protocol you are using, you may have to write some fail over logic in the DCS. This is not ideal, but it does allow for some level of redundancy.

Another idea would be to set up a Mark VIe controller (yes it will talk with your Mark Ve) as a "data translator" it can listen to EGD traffic and then translate to Modbus slave to talk to the DCS. You still have 1 point of failure, but you rarely need to reboot the Mark VIe controller.

...just some thoughts, there are alot of ways to got to make your system more robust.
Hello Gents,
We are looking for a complete unit from Texas Micro system 8014 with Arcnet PCA198-CX8 board, Main card,HDD drive, Power .
Can someone tell me where to find it?
please llok at the attached photos if needed.
Texas micro system 8014 with arcnet PCA198-CX8 board,Main card.jpgTexas micro system 8014 with arcnet PCA198-CX8 board.jpg