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Walter McConaghy

I am developing an application in VB for a continuous strip processor which will "trigger" a function at 1 ft distance intervals. My question is: Is there a serial encoder available that I can just bring into a com port? I need only to
measure +/- 10% accuracy. Would prefer to use a seial device over a std encoder w/ counter or Daq card.
Walter McConaghy

Give US Digital a look, they have encoders / interface modules of this

This is a single ended device, however, I believe they have differential devices as well. We have found them to be quite helpful and delivery is
usually only a week or two max.

Hope this helps,

Ken Brown
Applied Motion Systems, Inc.
if the frequency of your encoder is not too high,
you can use the joystick port as I/O for your trigger. Or if you replace the standard encoder by a wheel with a hole and a detector with "dry" contact, you can count every tour of the wheel on the joystick port in VB. These are the cheapest 15 I/O I have found. This is not very industrial, but it works.

I don't know any encoder with a direct RS 232 output. You can find RS422 or RS485 output where signals are better protected on long distance. You just need a converter RS422/RS232 or RS485/RS232.

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