Serial Server Connection to Ethernet Problem


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Tim Olson

I have an old Axis Communications 2490 three-port serial server that I am trying to use to get data across my LAN from a LAND Instruments System4 Landmark Graphic Processor (LMGP).

I have connected the serial server, set up its IP, pinged it and used its built-in Boa web server to configure its COM port 1 (RS-232), according to the requirements outlined in the LAND Users manual. However, although I can telnet into the Serial Server from a PC connected to the LAN I can't see the LMGP attached to it.

Can anyone point me to any S2E guides or serial server setup information and/or software that might help me shoot my way out of this problem? Or perhaps you can share any stories about what you did to successfully set up a serial server?

Thanks and regards, in advance.