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I have an upcoming project that requires HMI server redundancy (fast auto-failure detection, fast auto-failover, and some log file synchronization). The HMI's we're evaluating for the application are Intellution Dynamics, GECimplicity, Rockwell RSView and Siemens WinCC. I'm looking for opinions what's the best to use and why based on past experiences. I've spoken with representatives from each company and got their spin, but am looking for unbiased opinions. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. You can email me direct at [email protected].

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E.O. Stiehm
Iconics makes a product called DataWorX for OPC Server Redundancy, OPC Server to OPC Server Bridging and OPC Data aggregation. I have not used the redundancy portion it in an application yet (we use the bridging), but it looks very powerful. The nice thing is it is OPC compliant so you could use it with any of the HMI's you are considering.

Latest version of RSView32 7.0 has redundancy capabilities included that makes it the best choice