Servo Drive -- Electrical Noise???


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David Kane

Is there any special isolation transformer specification for systems with, for example,
20 brushless servo drives?

I have had problems with "IPM faults" Intelligent Power Module Faults. There is the possibility the problems are shielding and grounding, but my question is not based on that. (yet)

The system is not under powered, but the tranformer output to the drives is very noisy when the drives are enabled. Adding line filters to some of the drives, between the transformer and the drives definitely helps the situation, but has not resolved it completely.

Will some transformers handle drives better than others?
Is it better to put in multiple smaller transformers rather than a single large transformer?
An associate mentioned a 'K factor' on transformers that has to do with harmonics...
Not sure what this is.... Any ideas on 'K factor'?

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This may sound crazy, but we sort of had the same problem when we assembled a cabinet for a project we did. The cabinet had a computer, monitor and all the control circuitry for a brushless servo drive and motor and this humongus xformer in the bottom. What happened was when the power was turned on, the cabinet became this huge electromagnet because of the mechanical connection the transformer had with the cabinet. We resolved all of out problems by isolating the transformer from the cabinet with two strips of fiberglass under the transformer. BTW, I just came across this while browsing. Sorry if this response is too late.