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I am planning to buy a servo drive and a brushless servo motor for one of my applications that requires precise velocity control. I am considering Pacific Scientific PC800 series and Kollmorgen Servostar drives for this purpose. But i do not know anything about the performance or reliability of these drives. How do they compare with other drives like Indramat Eco or Siemens 6SE70MC drives?

I cannot compare them with the drives that you mention, but I use the Servostar drives whenever I can. They are a very capable drive and I have not had many reliability problems. They have several different algorithms for the velocity loop and you can choose the best one for your application and really tune them tightly.

Bill Sturm
I have seen many use the Kollmorgen Servostar but not always like it. I have not seen many use the PC800 for precise velocity control, the same with the Indramat Eco drives. With the Kollmorgen and Pac-Sci drives, I would not worry too much about the reliability, for they are. I would worry more about them from the support side and the parent company that owns them (Danaher).

I also suggest looking at Aerotech's amps and slotless motors and Emerson CTs UniDrive with unimotors.

John Manelas

You should consider the Schneider Electric Lexium drive. We have the controllers to go with it and excellent support support structure. Incidently, the Kollmorgen Servostar 600 is the same drive as our Lexium. We both brand label this drive from a 3rd party company. We integrate it into our complete motion offering by offering it as a stand alone indexer or with our many motion control cards.


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