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contemplating replacing old Siemans Servo drives on 20 CNCs' with Servo Dynamics drives and SEM motors. Any insight?

The rest of the story is that I have 20 RB-1 CNC's that don't owe anyone any money. But the drives are old and tired. In two months I had 2000 hours of down time. Wanted to replace the drive package. The rest ot the control is a Fanuc motherboard and a GN 0M front end.

Some say replace everything, others say replace the drive and motors only. I think I am going to replace the drive and motors with a Servo Dynamics package. Wondering if they are reliable?
We have supplied Servo Dynamics drives and SEM motors for over 15 years. We find them very reliable. My company is DynaPath. We are the manufacturer of the DynaPath CNC Control. If you chose to replace everything please contact us. Regards, Jim McCue,President
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