Servo motor circular interpolation


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Ineed a formula which could plot an arc given the starting and ending point(or angle) along with center. the drive takes command voltage as input. it is a typical XY plotter setup iam using for my final year project.the formula or algorithm requires to send voltages to the drive with which the motor can plot the arc.

I googled for a formula for circular interpolation and found your posting dated August 10, 2003. I need the same thing you were looking for however I didn't see any response to your post. Did you find a formula?
Would you share it -- Please.


Don Pagan
I'm building a milling machine... and I decided to just use the equation of a circle... since I know the start point,end point, and radius... then I add +-1 to the Y value (depending on which way the arc is moving)...
and use the equation to recalc my X coord...

no trig tables... no nothin...
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