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I am building a robot that should be able to move front and back. For this i want the servo motors to be able to move in clock wise and anti clockwise... Can anyone tell me the procedure for doing this.

Please if someone knows that how can I do the dual direction motion of the servo motors or any dc motor (i.e. clockwise and anticlockwise) do tell me.

Thanks a lot.
change the direction of the field in case you are using dc motor whenever you want to move ur robo from fwd to rev and visa versa,
The simplest way to reverse DC motor is using relay with two pairs of contacts. If the relay ( I mean coil of it ) is not activated, one of first pair is + and one of SECOND pair of contacts is minus. Once zou activate relay, the second contact of first pair has oposite voltage ( means +/- ) than other contact IN THE SAME PAIR. I understand the description by words is quite confusing, but read this carefully and try to draw it on the paper. Hovewer I hope you will get the idea how this can be done. That is quite traditional way of doing it even on DC motor with quite high power.

Of course you can use two relays but then it is a bit more complicated to describe it.

Good luck.
The most efficient way of accomplishing this is to use a microcontroller to control the PWM to the servo based on interupts for your controlling sensor or manual input to switch direction. With this you would not need seperate analog components except possible interfacing circuits such as a darlington pair transistor set.