Servo & Radar tank gauges

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Nguyen Dang Dzung

We are SEEN Technologies Corp. (Vietnam), We are specialist in field of Automation. We are chasing some Petroleum Terminal Automation Projects in Vietnam. We are interested in products of Servo & Radar tank gauge for Tank Gauging System. Could you recommend us the suppliers for these products? Looking forwards to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Dzung
Dear Mr Dzung-- SaabScania of Sweden has some excellent products for your application. You can visit their website. Right now, I do not know their address but If you are keen, I can find out. What exactly are your process control business activities? Regards. A.Jabbar <[email protected]>

Nirmalya Nandi. Kolkata, India.

Dear Mr Dzung-- Saabmarine Electronics of Sweden has some excellent products for your application. You can visit their website You may contact saab tank control india who is the agent for your area.

Arthur Unger

Dear Sir:

1) Will these power supplies have to be 100, 117, 220 or 240 VAC?
2) Will they require any type of foreign electrical approvals like UL or CSE?

If you will furnish this information, I will provide you with a quotation.


Arthur Unger [email protected]

Mike Anderson

We have been using the MTG Multi-function Tank Gauge by Gauging Systems Inc. Radar only provides level, the MTG provides accurate Level, Mass, Multiple spot temperature points, Multiple density strata, free and entrained water, vapor pressure, vapor temperature, and leak detection for the same price as a radar. No moving parts, self calibration, and is bottom referenced. So far it has the lowest cost of ownership of the gauges we have tested.