Servomotors and position control


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Hi there, it's my first time to use this site. Can you help me find a full description of how servomotors are used in position control? I also want to know the block diagram describing this system and it's transfer function.

George Younkin

I have documents that can be emailed on motor transfer functions, block diagrams, compensation, position control, real world servo design with PI or PID. Contact me for documents to email to you at: [email protected] .

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Also I want information about the Servomotor but I know the basic operation where I work we have a brushless motor MSP1R2C3M16D and a stepping motor. Both motor are different the servomotor use AC voltage and the stepping motor use CC voltage both motor has a encoder.
The encoder count each grade of rotating motor each pulse is a 1 grade of movement then encoder send to PLC the exactly position of the motor.
Anyway i need more information about:

-Card driver :

and the bushless motor:

thank for to read me
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Luis Villajulca Quiñones

Hello Orhan:

Recently, I working in a personal project about position control of servomotors, and I would know if you could recommend a servomotors and encoders of position, and also I want know what is the best technical for controller servomotors.

Thank you, very much for your support.

Luis Villajulca Quiñones
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