Setting up an SST card in RSLinx or SST5136 server


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Gaven Brantley

Ok, so here it is folks, I'm having problems setting up a Wonderware graphics machine. I've set up Wonderware machines before but have always used the Allen Bradley PKTX cards and they always worked without a hitch. This time I'm using a SST 5136-SD2 PCI card. When I try to set it up in RSLinx under the S-S SD/SD2 driver, it asks for memory board addres and I/O and IRQ. No matter what I select it just won't work. I've tried everything that I can think of. I've also tried the SST server to with not much better results. I have also did a little research on this site but didn't uncover much. Any advice would be of great help.


Curt Wuollet

I would think Woodhead could shed some light on that. The SSTs are a supported product. I wouldn't expect a lot of help from the other side.