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I have seen several posted messages here about setting up a communication from SLC 5/03 to HMI but the answer is quite indefinite. We have an existing SLC 5/03*1747-AIC*1770-KF3 set-up connected to the serial of a PC. We are using InTouch as an HMI with an IOServer KF2. Because of speed issue, we decided to take out the KF3 module and bought a 1784-KTXd card (DH+, RIO, DH485). Since SLC 5/03 can only communicate through serial and DH485, we decided to connect the SLC 5/03 to 1747-AIC and then to the 1784-KTXd card inserted in the PC. Can I use a full-blown RSLinx to communicate InTouch (using WWRSLinx of Wonderware)? I can see in the configuration of WWRSLinx that the connection is direct (which I think a DH+ connectivity), ethernet, KA, KA5 and PI only and not coming from the 1747-AIC. Is there someone out there successfully tried this set-up? Can we not directly communicate RSLink to InTouch since this is an OPC? Is there another option for this set-up? I hope you can enlighten me with this. Thank you. We have an OEM RSLinx and a WWRSLinx IOServer but has not successfully configured it. Just to clear up again, we are communicating through DH485 and not DH+ using 1747-AIC in between SLC and PC. HMI is InTouch. OS is Windows 98 and NT.

Rafael Becerra

As long as I know, the WWWRslinx driver is usefull only to connect Intouch with an ControlLogix trough Ethernet.

With KTX card I've used abktx IO server, but connecting to DH+ network.

If you have configured RSLinx, you can use it as OPC server and use OPCLink IO server to connect the PLC with Intouch. Remember that items names change in Intouch when using OPC, the item must be prefixed with a letter which indicates the type of tag (d for discrete, r for analog), for example, to read B3:0/0 you have to create the tag pointing to dB3:0/0.

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Thanks Rafael. I already succeeded in linking my SLC 5/03 to KTXd card. I used a full-blown RSLinx to get the data to InTouch, RSLinx as my OPC and I did not use any prefixes. I used the native addresses of Allen Brdley such as B3:0/0, I:1.0/1, O:2.0/4, etc. I configured the RSLinx (OPC/DDE) in such a way that the InTouch will be able to penetrate it (as a gateway). For now, it has a slight delay in controlling but not as worse as the KF3. Regards.

Rafael Becerra

Hi Ting,
I'm happy you solved your issue, but I'm supprised... The tagnames without prefixes are working? What Intouch version are you running? Are you using OPCLink IO server (version?)? When I tried first time to connect my SLC to Intouch 7.1 using OPC, the things didn't work, later I found the prefixes solution...

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