Setting up Profinet I/O in Siemens TIA Portal


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I have a Lenze servo controlled by an Inverter Drive 8400 TopLine C. I have profinet communication between the Inverter and a Siemens S7-1500 PLC. I don't know how to setup/view the Profinet IO using the Siemens TIA Portal V13.
The general procedure for third-party slave devices is to download from the manufacturer the configuration file and add it to your equipment catalog. Then it's just a matter of dragging it into your network diagram like native Siemens components. If there are a number of optional I/O configurations, which there often are, that will be configured by dragging virtual I/O modules (corresponding to the available configurations or portions thereof) onto the device. Or sometimes configuring in the config pages at the bottom of the hardware window. If so, these should appear in the hardware catalog as well, often in a different subfolder. You also must configure the IW/QW starting points, obviously.