Setting up RSView as HMI for Siemens 115U PLC


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Anshul Saxnea

I want to set up HMI using RSView32 with Siemens 115U PLC. Four PLCs are to be networked to two runtimes & one supervisory & development can anybody be of help for Siemens hardware/communication interfaces/ drivers etc & their location on net

Andrew Mindrin

The ATS-DDE-3964(R) Server for Siemens is an AdvanceDDE Server that provides seamless, high speed connectivity between DDE-aware applications and Siemens PLC systems. The ATS-DDE-3964(R) Server communicates with PLC's via a Serial port. The server can support one PLC on each port. As an AdvanceDDE Server, this ATS-DDE-3964(R) Server is compatibile with all of RSI’s View and VBX products including RSView, the WINtelligent Series (View, Trend, and Quality) and the new RSDATA Visual Basic extension. For further details visit

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

You can try as a start off point But as a rule of thumb, I prefer using SIEMENS HMI with a SIEMENS PLC. Likewise, I would prefer RSView over SIEMENS, if my PLC was AB. If your project is still in sales stage, i suggest you look up SIEMENS WinCC as the HMI. On the other hand, if it is a multi-vendor PLC installation and single HMI, then maybe you can have a look at the other leading brands like Wonderware Intouch and/or Intellution iFix. Just my two bits, Shahid [email protected]