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Hi friends;
I want to know what is the difference between SFC (Specific fuel consumption) and heat rate.

Please tell me how i calculate the SFC and heat rate of gas turbine. I also want to know what effect of LHV on both above parameters. I want to calculate SFC in BTU/HP-Hr.

I have the LHV value is 18800 BTU/SCF and HP is nearly about 3900 HP. SG of natural gas is 0.6325.

Please guide on this both issue. I appreciate if anyone send me a article on both parameters of split shaft gas turbine.
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Heat rate is simply the ratio between the total amount of heat and energy generated. Let see this example

Heat Rate = Total heat supply (kJ)/Total energy generated (kWh)

We have variations in terminologies depends upon what you want to define

1. If you use LHV then you call it LHV heat rate

2. If you use HHV then you call it HHV heat rate

3. If you define for unit gross (LHV/HHV) then you call it unit gross heat rate

4. If you define for turbine alone then you call it turbine heat rate(LHV/HHV)

SFC is the ratio between energy generated and the quantity of fuel to produce it.

SFC= Unit generated (kWh)/kg of fuel to produce it

Still you have to define whether whether the value is based on HHV or LHV.

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Sir its good explanation. We used LHV its value near about 17295 BTU/Lb. And the unit of energy generated we used HP/Hr. I want to know how can i convert PPH into MMBTU/hr. We measure fuel in PPH and our SFC unit is BTU/HP-HR.