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We have a thermal flow meter ranged 0-25,800 SFPM, what does this mean?

Thanks for any help.
Not likely, since Surface Feet Per Minute refers to grinding or buffing of materials - nothing to do with flow rates!
In all likelihood, it means Standard Feet Per Minute (a velocity measurement). Some Thermal flow elements have this engineering unit
available because they are used to measure airflow in ducts, and it is sometimes difficult to characterize the duct.

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0-25,800 SFPM is the mass velocity range of the flowmeter. SFPM stands for Standard Feet Per Minute which is a measurement when multiplied by the pipe or duct cross sectional area(ft^2) that the meter is installed in gives the mass flow rate in Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute.

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Icayan, Erwin

SCFM: maximum flow under a set of defined standard and environmental conditions in units of CFM ( cubic feet per minute )?

Erwin Icayan