SFW324 (was: A blast from the past (SFW324 and Sy/Max 400))


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nuno pereira

> I'm looking for help on program setup with in the SFW324 software for
connecting to a 400 processor...<

I can't help you, but maybe you can help me. Is sfw324 a old dos programe and work with (RNG) files? if yes, i need to find this programme
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thank you

Robert Willis

I will have to dig through my archives but I should be able to assist you with the SFW324 software. If you can e-mail me directly with your questions, I will attempt to help.

The most current version of the software is 8010 SFW-472 which will read all of the SY/MAX Programable Controller File formats and it is a DOS package.

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