SG Intellisys Controller Interface to Siemens PLC


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I need to get a certain parameter from Ingersoll Rand air compressor to Siemens s7-300 plc. sg intellisys controller part no: 39897095..

I’m not familiar with the communication available on the controller, but i do spot a rj45 port. i can’t seem to find a manual for this particular controller. few reads suggests of using an x-iri interface gateway for communication.

Do i need this part or I can directly connect my plc com. module to the IR controller?
If this is an existing project you must refer to the documentation of ingersoll rand compressor, they might have added already the required diagnostics to be sent to automation system via PLC/RTU.

If this is some innovative idea that you want to explore, then yes you need the manual to find out what kind of data is available from the controller via the RJ45 port. A lot also depend upon the communication protocol and support to other interfaces by the controller in question.