SGT-600 or GT10B


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Basically there are 3 types of Gt-10 gas gen rotors.

• one is what would be considered a Gt-10A version of which only a few have been sold which is basically the older sulzer design (I believe there are only 4 made of which only 2 are around)

• The later version have a rigid gleason coupling (not only between the disks but also the no 1 disk and compressor rotor) ... Now.... many of these units suffered from peaking vibrations at the no 2 bearing during start-up, but some modifications were made to the no 2 rotor seal and lagging on the compressor as the peaks were caused by uneven heating of the rotor.

•The latest design has a flexible coupling and since 2007? Siemens has also improved this design due to the cycle limitations. (change in materials)

Do you have any documents about modifications on the design of GT10B for removing peaking vibration at the no 2 bearing and the one that is done by Siemens at 2007 (as I said above)?

What are the critical speeds?
Did the critical speeds change after these design improvements?

Any information is appreciable.