Shameless Plug: our book is in the stores!


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Walt Boyes

After some deeply regretted delays, Shari Worthington and I are extremely pleased to report that our book _eBusiness in Manufacturing: Putting the Internet to Work in the Industrial Enterprise_ started shipping last week, and can now be ordered from Amazon and ISA.

Of course, we think you all should go out and buy it, but we have real reasons why you should.

If you need a clear and concise handle on the state of e-Manufacturing, you should read our book.

If you are a system integrator, and you need to be able to explain to clients what you do, and why it is important, you should read our book, and
then give it to your client's CEO.

If you are planning an enterprise integration project, you should buy our book just to get Charlie Gifford's check list for a successful enterprise integration.

In other words, there is information in this book that is essential for automation professionals, whether in vendor companies or manufacturing

And let us know how you like it.

Let's discuss.

Walt Boyes and Shari Worthington