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One of my systems is using modicon programmable bridge mux to convert rs-232 ascii communication from my rs-232 instruments to modbus+ to be understand by the modicon Quantum PLC. We are now planning to built a similar new system and I would like to shift to ethernet communication. What could be a good way to achieve fast communication via ethernet between my rs-232 instruments (which are not modbus) to the switch and the ethernet card of the quantum which attempt to receive modbus/tcp communication? Sébastien [email protected]

Robert Willis

Take a look at the NR&D QUCM-LE module which will provide you with two RS232/422/485 serial ports and a 10Mb Ethernet Port. The default configuration will support any Modicon, SY/MAX or PowerLogic protocol and can be customized to support others. Please review the information on their website at The module is installed into a Quantum backplane and can communicate using Modbus TCP/IP on the ethernet port. Regards Robert Willis Square D Company
Check out products by Lantronix, and Fieldserver technologies to convert Industrial Network protocols (i.e. Modbus) to ethernet. You can find info at www.

regards, Mike Finley