SICAM PCC communication with Siprotec devices (NEED HELP URGENTLY )


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I am a final year engineering student currently working on the project which deals with the communication between PC and SIPROTEC RELAYS using SICAM PCC. The problem is i am not sure whether once in operational mode SICAM PCC will fetch data itself or it has to be done manually.

I have made the configuration in which i am using IEC 60870-5-103 protocol with the baud rate of 38.4k and using com port 1 for communication.

After this i switch to operational mode and in the device it shows that Protocol is up and running but the status of the device is pending. i have tried to turn it off and onn again but it didnt help. it seems to me that the PCC is not even trying to communicate with relay. maybe there is some problem with the link. is there any way that i can check if the link between two devices (PCC AND RELAY) has been established or not?

And please if any one has any knowledge whatsoever about SICAM PCC please help me.

every bit of info will be priceless for me.

Thank you.

looking forward for your reply.