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I'm looking for manuals about Sicomp AMS From Siemens. I have experience programming and maintenance with PLC and would like to know if it is possible to monitor online the program running at a Sicomp AMS like Rslogix or Step 7. I really don't have experience working with this kind of controller but i beleive that somebody can help me with information . Some Questions are : " What is the software i can use to do a program for Sicomp? " " If this software exist it has any tools i can use to do maintenance to the machine ? " " I read something about PLM 86 . Can it be one of the software used to make programs to the Sicomp ? " " Any manufacture of motor for exemple can make any board to do any special function like to read and treat specially the encoders of a machine ? " If somebody has worked with this controller before and could help me , please send me news. I would like to be more than a simple "changer board". Models Cpu: AMS-M18 Thanks, Luciano Cardoso Vasconcelos 55 21 3089 2228 [email protected]