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Cyrus Taft

I have an existing Siemens 545 PLC that I plan to use for data acquisition on a small instrument test project. I'm looking for a simple and cheap way to get data off the PLC and into a PC for display to the operator during the test.

Also, is there a product called a Pathlink for this type of PLC and if so what is it? Thanks.

Cyrus Taft

Kris Philpott

If you know Visual Basic or any programming language, you can purchase an ActiveX control that handles the communication from the PC to the
PLC. It's a cheap solution (<$1000) and realitively easy to implement and update.
PRINT the data to the '545 serial port and use the HyperTerminal application that is included with WINDOWS with a serial cable to
display/capture the data.

Ronald Nijssen

The 545 (and other SIMATIC 5x5 PLC's) supports two protocols on its programming ports. One is used by the programming software and the other is
relatively simple but slower I remember documents describing the "Task" codes you had to transmit and what reply you can expect. This protocol can be used without any warrant but seems to do what you want Contact your Siemens rep. and check if you can obtain a copy of the documents, a PC app. connecting with a serial link should be enough to create your own program

Mister, that's a Texax Instruments 545. You will find that almost any HMI product as driver for this family of good products.

Jay Kirsch

FasTrak SoftWorks has an OPC/ActiveX driver for the Siemens/TI 505 (including 545) processors.

Contact me offline for details.

Thanks. Joe

Joseph Luft
FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc
[email protected]
Use wizcon demo version this is for free and you can get some variables out of this type of plc
because all drivers are for free at wizcon