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In the past we have had very bad luck installing Siemens and Rockwell software on the same computer. We are now using updated versions of Rockwell and Siemens software.

Can anyone tell me if they have been able to install both software packages successfully?

If not, what is the best way to use both software packages on one machine?

Curt Wuollet

I have 3 hdds for my laptop. And yes, I put Siemens and AB on separate disks. And I have one that I put new software like CCW on so I can blow it away without the permanent slowdown it causes on a drive I need. I never could get rid of all its demons and services so I just wipe the disk. I sound like a lot of work but it has saved me vast amounts of time. A spare laptop from the recycle pile helps too. I now vet everything before it goes on my working drives.

Instead of using different laptops or different hard drives, we use virtual machines. VMWare Player used to be entirely free to use, but I think the latest versions are not licensed for commercial or business use, so you would need VMWare Workstation. We're still using an older version but I'm seriously considering buying a copy of Workstation.

Another alternative is VirtualBox which is open source and free. Rockwell supports VMWare.

This doesn't prevent problems, but it isolates them and makes recovery easier. With Workstation, you can save and restore snapshots which makes it easy to roll back an installation that goes wrong.

David Ferguson

VMWare Workstation best tool on my laptop. Create a bunch of "virtual boxes" set up for these things and all these conflicting issues in my life went away.

When I get a new laptop, I load one software (VMware) and back in business.

The days of dreading the pain that getting a new laptop brought of 3 weeks of loading sw to get back to where I was are gone.

Dave Ferguson
Control Systems Engineer

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