Siemens control system upgrade


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for an existing Siemens control system "SIMATIC S7" mounted since 2001,is it possible to upgrade this system as follow:

1- i will maintain the ESD & F&G PLCs with the possibility of adding of redundant PLCs for each system

2- the DCS system will be replaced with an other new system.

my questions are:

1- this strategies is it correct?

2- if yes, for compatibility of the entire control system, the DCS PLCs must be or no from Siemens vendor.

3- if no, please, i need your advices to consult the vendor that can provide a pertinent offer


What are you having as for the HMI/Scada?
What is the scale of your control systems?
How many I/Os within your control systems?

You might want to consider to upgrade to PCS7, Siemens DCS (Totally Integrated) system.
Then, you could reuse/reconfigure and integrated the existing system to the new PCS7.